Quick bio:

I'm Pete Schrader and I am a big Lucky Charm fan (they're magically delicious you know).

I live in Keene, NH with my lovely wife Rita and our two cats, Hudson and Cooper.

By day, I am happily the Director of Financial Systems and Operations for a super-regional insurance company. By night, I am a devoted husband (my words), a tech geek, a beer connoisseur, a runner, and a newbie photographer.

I created this site because (1) I wanted to play with HTML, CSS, and the like, (2) I wanted to provide my family and friends, many of whom are technophobes, an easy way to see my pictures, and (3) to get feedback on my pix (positive or negative - negative preferable) as a way to develop my eye and technical skills as a photographer.

Aside: What is Nawset you might ask. Nauset Beach (please note the "u") is my favorite spot on earth. It is located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Many years ago, I tried to get "nauset" as a license plate. Unfortunately, a little old lady in Hooksett, NH already had it so I went phonetic with "nawset". Twenty+ years later I can't give it up.

Update: she did finally pass into the Great Beyond, and we now have both license plates.

Anywho, I would love your feedback on any shot that moves you, good or bad. Puff my ego by saying you like a shot or provide me some constructive feedback on how I could have made a shot better.

And if you don't want to embarrass me in public, drop me a line using the 'contact me' link above.

Thanks for visiting.

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